"Massage and healing for tired bodies"

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Although qualified as a teacher my arrival to Ireland in 2004 from Slovakia led me to work in the area of forestry. Having a love for nature this suited me while I contemplated what it is that would really make me happy in life. The answer lay in body work and massage. Having a huge interest in sports, body and health I was drawn to this area. In 2008 I returned to Slovakia to take part in intensive training. I studied classical, Swedish and sports massage to start and then continued to train in lympahatic draininage, reflexology, hot stone, miofascial technoques,deep tissue, lomi lomi, Tuina and cupping. I am passionate about my work and treating my customers as holistically as possible. 




33 Ballymahon Street,
Longford. IRELAND

086 335 9936

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